Faster than a speeding water buffalo, able to leap tall pygmies in a single bound!  Team Zebra is our name, playing fair is our game.

Supporting CRDL Derby Girls since 2009

Team Zebra is always on the lookout for new Non-Skating Officials (NSOs).  Zebras (aka referees) are recruited from the volunteer NSO group once a year, normally around June/July.

NSOs are the volunteers who support Team Zebra on bout day to record penalties, keep score and record which players take to the track each jam.  To ensure NSOs know what to do on bout day, they are required to attend a practice bout on a Sunday afternoon once a month at CRDL's training venue. 

Both guys and gals form part of the NSO Team and Team Zebra.  As a first step if you are interested in NSOing please email us with your contact details. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Alpaca Punch
  • Axiom Addict
  • Fanta C. Lane
  • JamPants
  • John Ref. Kennedy
  • Knight Witch
  • lozerefter
  • Mickey Finn
  • Mike Ref Own
  • Mother Superior
  • Patrick Kwaizy
  • Refachu
  • RawnBear
  • Rumpirestiltskin
  • Taco

Non-Skating Officials

  • Harley Sinn
  • Hondo
  • Peggy Rolls'em
  • Seath Lord
  • Sunset Claws
  • Track Monkey
  • Kim Parshal